Our unique fabric consists of thousands of hollow microfibers engineered to regulate your body temperature in any weather condition. In cold weather our exceptional fabric insulates your body keeping you warm and protected. As you begin to heat up during more intense workouts or in hotter environments, our A.S.T.R.A fabric allows any excess moisture to evaporate, providing you with an immediate cooling effect.

This unique property makes our A.S.T.R.A garments ideal for any type of sport or daily activity, especially for those performed in outdoor environments with changing conditions.

  • Our garments are crafted using Italian Seamless technology, allowing you to practice all of your favorite sport with unrestricted movement. The shaping effect of the fabric sculpts and smooths the figure to feel like second skin, making sure you look great whether you are working out or simply working through your day.


  • Thousands of fibers are knitted together in each garment providing you with exceptional comfort, improved breathability and increased lightness, avoiding any friction and chafing during physical activity.


  • Our A.S.T.R.A garments are perfect for all day wear due to quick drying properties that keep you comfortable, protected, fresh and odorless. Built for casual wear as well as intense training, our fabric is also antibacterial and UV protected.