Hey guys just letting you know how much of a fan I am of your company. Recently on my 17th birthday I was diagnosed with cancer and recently chemo has made me lose weight and all my hair, but I don't mind because I can still get really sexy clothes from you guys which makes me feel better, stay rad knowing you give people like me hope - Molly

Tom, I think everyone should have a copy of your affirmation it totally sums up my belief system and brings me so much comfort! I have given one to my friend Damien who is unwell with cancer and he cried this morning when he opened it. He's going to put it next to his door so that he can read it and set his intentions for the day when he leaves his house. I also plan to send one to my favour singer Patrick Watson, it reminds of the feeling I get when I listen to the song Luscious Life. Have a great weekend, - Jenny

I came across your site today! Was blown away by the concept, branding, the VIBES! Can't wait to make my first purchase.You have understood what many haven't! Wishing you success on your journey - Marie

I love what your company is all about and having your hamsa on my arm reminds me to look positively into all my future endeavours.This is my third and favourite tattoo. - Cori

The iamvibes eye brings me daily inspiration to stay positive and keep an open mind. The brands logo brings awareness and positive energies to myself and others. Having others see it and understand it's meaning not only brings happiness but a closeness to others in hopes of one day having a peaceful planet. Thank you for bringing this beautiful symbol to not only my life but others as well. - Brittany @eyesofthec0smos

Thank you for creating such a beautiful version of the hamsa. the sacred geometry elements is what drew me to this version of the symbol and as soon as i discovered this brand i knew that i wanted it to be represented on my body permanently. - @charmasteroftheuniverse

Tom, So since the first time I saw your clothing, lifestyle,state of mind company I've wanted to be involved.I like to dress with style, I don't put attention to brands,that's not me, but I just wanted to tell you that never in my life a T-shirt has made me feel this energy, I guess you are doing it right... I'm a 22 year old Mexican communication student,living under a similar speech iamvibes has, so if in any future plans you have with México, taking your brand there or to start some kind of branding I just want to tell you, you have full support on my side. Even though my selfish side wants to be the only one to wear this T-shirt, that's not my strong side so fuck it. Haha. Thanks again for everything,and keep growing this amazing company you started. Good Vibes - Alan

A few months ago I was gifted one of your I Am Vibes pull overs.I was immediately in Love. The hamsa, the galaxy/universe floating in vibrant colors behind the sacred geometry. It spoke to me.I felt light. I radiate when I wear it,Im energized by it's purpose and that has lead to this letter. I just recently finished my 200hr basic yoga teacher training with Cloud Nine Yoga and to say the least it has started my journey. Reevaluating where my energy is directed and where my attention has been placed, I find no better time then the present to make sure I am where I want to be,that I am happy with my circumstances if not always in my favor, and that I am helping spread Light, Love,Consciousness,Peace, Serenity. I know I have the power to send these vibes to others and thus making your company in a whole exactly what I embody and try to project on a daily basis. Now, with basically being overwhelmed by how much I support your collective goal with the company to spread these energies and the brand name, I reach out to see if there is any possible way to become apart of this company. I have always been in love with fashion, but that doesn't stop me from taking a pair of scissors to a perfectly fine shirt to make it even more personal to me.Catching the publics attention with something out of the ordinary excites me. This brand excites me. For those unawake to the hamsa, the patterns of your brand logo,this company promotes thought, promotes a new way of thinking, consciousness.LOVE. I want to help expand this LOVE. I feel the US needs this change more then ever. The public is just waiting for a movement and I feel this movement should be one of peace and unity.I Am Vibes is this movement.I spent three years working on my BS in Fashion Management and Marketing and was unable to finish my degree due to funds at the time. At the moment I am doing anything possible to return to school to receive my degree to eventually either become apart of a company like your own or to some day create a brand of my own that promotes the LOVE within us all. There was no other intention for this letter today other than to inform you of how much I LOVE the vision your company has and to see if there was any possible way for me to become apart of it. I don't have a resume, I have a passion for life and LOVE I'm trying to share. I'm sure whoever receives this letter is radiating light like crazy right now. Have a wonderful day LOVES.<3- Kalyn

Hey Tom! So i've over the past months been noticing the love and expansion of vibes, and i have to so i genuinely love it so much. i tell all about this and what it means. such a good idea.Growing from a minimal amount of fans and likes to 13k Facebook likes and Instagram love also including tumblr posts! i love the energy. I was first introduced to this brand from Becca (dudley) so i had to check it out. Just also thought id let you know that it was me who got the first tattoo on the back of the neck :) sorry if it bothered you in anyway as i didn't contact before hand! (i have purchased a few of the items , but i think that can go without saying haha).Long story short here (i know you didn't ask) but my main reasoning was i had a broken neck a few years back as a result of a car crash i was in (front passenger).The doctors didn't understand how id managed to survive. i got tout the upside wrecked car and pulled my three friends out (with a broken neck) and if i was to survive the doctors predicted id be paralysed from the beck down. clearly something saved me. I'm well and live and in the best state of mind and physical state I've ever been in. The doctors said a huge proportion of this quick recovery was my aura, my positive energy, my love, my friends around me, my optimism on every doctors visit anything they told me.Ive been meaning to have tattoo to represent what got me through it for so long now. finally i came across vibes, have never been happier with a representation for this event. for that i would like to thank you. I admire this brand and yourself for creating this.Love and peace. - Cy Robinson

Hi Tom,Thank you so much! For your help and for creating such a beautiful brand.Hamsas have always been a source of inspiration for me, I've worn the same one around my neck for years and am so excited to practice yoga in my new leotards.Thanks again!- Alex

Hello, I came across your line by seeing one of my friends wear a piece.I was very intrigued and interested in the brand name and design.I instantly became a fan. I went on to check out your sight.I was very touched, moved and inspired by your inspiration section of your website. I found that to be beautiful that you hold a special place for that.- Alexandra