Our Purpose

IAMVIBES has served our community for almost a decade and we would like you to join us in our mission:

We use our business to empower all girls and women in the most sustainable way.

We believe there cannot be sustainable development if there is no gender equality and empowerment of all women: gender equality is integral to each and every sustainable development goal.

One of the very first athleisure brands, IAMVIBES was originally launched in 2011 to uplift and enhance female creative energy through stylish apparel. Recognizing the shifting needs of the modern woman, we have taken the unique energy of the original brand and reimagined it, integrating functionality and performance to elevate our products to an unparalleled level of technology and style.

Bringing a new perspective to apparel our diverse team includes a variety of dynamic women of all ages, and we strive to create each garment in a highly versatile, exceptionally comfortable way, that can be worn all day, every day.

At our core, IAMVIBES wants to use business to inspire and implement solutions to empower women around the world. The apparel business is one with the highest share of women employed, and it can be a tool for us to support women release their full potential, helping us become more involved, and lead in every aspect of society.