Crafted for those who love to wear high tech activewear but hate the feel of uncomfortable synthetic fabrics like polyester, our MYSTIC cotton collection is a revolutionary activewear range made from luxurious double-knit Italian fabric.

Synthetic fabrics are commonly used in activewear as they are able to wick away your sweat and retain less moisture, leaving you feeling dry after a workout. However, synthetic fibres are also the main cause of skin irritation, odor and durability issues like pilling and snagging. Our MYSTIC fabric is engineered to marry only the best properties of synthetic fabrics with the softness, breathability and comfort of cotton against your skin.

How it works

Merging the natural properties of cotton with the features of nylon microfibers, MYSTIC cotton provides the ultimate high performance fitness gear that can be worn comfortably all day. Your garment exudes that soft, comfortable feeling of your favorite natural fabric as well as the technical performance of a four way stretch microfiber. It is also equipped with a moisture management double-sided fabric construction that keeps you dry and cool.


  1. Cotton against your skin, giving you the super comfortable feeling of its natural character, while wicking away your sweat with natural moisture absorbing properties.

  1. Nylon microfibers on the outside for that fashionable look and luxurious hand feel, while keeping you cool with its quick drying properties.

  1. Elastane yarns bring it altogether in a breathable 4-way stretch fabric, engineered for high performance, as well as shaping your body with great coverage and control.

A 3 in 1 fabric that combines cotton, microfiber and stretch elastane to form a soft, comfortable and high performing garment that you can wear for sport, play, and leisure.