What should we take from the lockdown experience?

And suddenly it feels that we are part of a movie or part of a joke. A joke that for some thousands of people turned into a nightmare. Kids out of school, we work from home, planes stop flying, professional athletes stay home, cars stop driving around, animals are coming back for exploration...Simultaneously the whole world got into a lockdown and the clock stopped ticking so fast...for the FIRST time in our lives, we pressed the pause button.





A little, tiny, invisible thing to the naked eye created such an impact on our lives. 

We have time to go through our closets, do homework with out kids, organise the kitchen cabinets, cook for us and the loved ones and look outside of the window and try to realise what the heck is happening now? What is the next step? How the world will proceed after that? How the governments can protect us? Who is responsible? Are we keeping our jobs? and so on...






There are two school of thoughts that derived from there, the positive one and of course the negative one. The positive sees the world gathering together, exchanging information about the virus and try to find solutions as soon as possible. It is the one, that created masks and gave them for free to the people that needed them, the one that put baskets under their balconies with food for the unfortunate ones that can not afford to buy it. Then we have the negative ones, the ones that find a conspiracy theory behind everything, the once that hate the other countries, the racist that also wants to choose who is getting treated and who is getting saved... 

It is up to us to decide which side we want to be...we, at iamvibes, want the pandemia to remind us how vulnerable humans can be,  but also how great, helpful and powerful we can also be if we desire to. 

Love to all and

Stay safe

Ka-mel xoxo