Tips To Look Gorgeous Even While Exercising

Looking like supermodels and celebrities while losing those extra calories in the gym might not be possible for people like us. But we can look more put together and stylish while jumping, running, and skipping through different workouts in the gym, pilates, or yoga. Apart from that, fitness fashion is so in trend right now. The fashion industry has revolutionised over the past few decades, and athleisure has become people’s favourite. There are so many brands and stores selling plus sizes yogawear London. Who wouldn't like to look stylish and cool while working out and sweating? So here are a few tips to look amazing while doing your workout routine:

1. Wear flattering silhouettes

Fashion might come and go, but a style of one's own never goes out of trend. Look for different silhouettes and structures that work for you and flatter your natural body. Avoid baggy clothes to cover those extra kilos; dress up and show up confidently.

2. Choose breathable fabrics

Whenever you shop for activewear or athleisure, always check the fabric description of the apparel. Visible sweat patches while exercising won't add any good to your outfit. Look for breathable fabrics like cotton, hemp, lycra and spandex. These are specially designed for making activewear and allow your skin to breathe freely and dry off the sweat patches quickly.

3. Wear makeup

Yes, wear makeup. Some might find it all ridiculous, but light makeup enhances your beauty. Choose some waterproof mineral-based makeup products to reduce the chances of clogged pores and acne from excessive sweating. Creating a natural look with little makeup makes some people feel more confident.

4. Invest in a good sports bra

We already know wearing an ill-fitted bra can cause back, neck, and shoulder problems. Not only that, it can also affect the appearance of your breasts. So wear a good sports bra, specially designed for women while working out or doing any physical activity. They are truly an investment. They are designed to provide extra support and coverage, making you more comfortable doing rigorous body movements.

Dressing up for any purpose adds charm to the overall vibe, and people enjoy the activity more. At Iamvibes, we have a wide range of activewear collections for women. You will find everything from Plus Size Leggings to premium sports bra collection. We promote size, inclusivity and sustainability.