Three Things To Look For When Buying Your Leggings

Leggings are now not considered something to wear just to your gym; if styled correctly, you can wear them to many occasions and places. It is excellent for those looking for plus size leggings as they feel pretty comfortable wearing them and are easier to find than other plus size clothing items. If you are also planning to buy some, here are three things you should look into your legging before purchasing it.

But before looking at the different leggings in the market, you should clearly know your waist and hip size. So, use a measuring tape to measure your waist and hip area correctly and then note it down. This way, you can easily read the size charts of different brands when finding the best fit.

Now let’s see the three criteria to look at when buying leggings.

Waistband style

Waistband style matters very much as it affects the fit of the leggings. Most people prefer buying high-waisted ones as it helps to hide the tummy. A vast band is comfortable for those seeking a legging with great tummy support. If you want to buy one that flatters your tummy and is comfortable, go for those with a narrow waistband. Try each type to see which type of waistband is your best fit.


The fabric is the second thing to consider when buying a pair of leggings. Most leggings are made of two materials: a mixture of elastane and nylon and cotton and spandex. The former can give you a perfect silhouette, providing little to no shaping effect. However, cotton is more comfortable to wear when you are exercising as it is a material that is very breathable. Again, try both types to see whose look you like the best. And, of course, it will also depend on what you buy this plus-size yoga wear in London for. 


The last thing to consider is the length of the leggings. The best length for someone wearing a plus size is 7/8th, which ends just above the ankle bone. Depending on your body type, you can also go for capri-length leggings at mid-calf or full-length ones that go down to the feet. Sometimes, you might need the legging that is perfect in other parts and the correct length for you. So, enquire with the seller if they can hem it for you.