Styling Tips For Plus-Sized Women According To Their Body Type

Not all plus-sized women have the same body type. One thing that goes well with all body types is a pair of affordable yoga wear. If you need help with the best way to style this pair of leggings according to your body type, here is a quick guide.


1. Hourglass

Others often envy the most classic feminine shape, women who have this figure. To accentuate your upper part, you can wear a top with a built-in belt or one that goes well with a belt. This way, you can highlight the best part of your body, your small waist. If you like highlighting your upper part, wear deep V-necked tops with dark-coloured leggings.


2. Pear


Those with pear-shaped bodies have wider hips than shoulders. Many women with this figure often feel conscious about their bigger bottoms. However, now that bigger butties are accepted, they can highlight them by pairing their leggings with a short fit and flare tunic or dress. This way, her narrow shoulders, small waist and perky chest, are highlighted, drawing attention from their heavier bottom.


3. Inverted triangle


As the name suggests, plus-size women with such a body type have wider shoulders and narrower hips. So their legs are one of the best parts of their body, and a pair of leggings can bring that out. They look best with bright-coloured leggings or even jeans paired with neutral or muted tops. In winter, they can pair it with a fitted jacket.


4. Rectangle


Plus-size women with shoulder and hips the same width as their hip is said to have a rectangular shape. So, their styling should include tops that are structured or have ruffles so as to create an illusion of waist and curves. They can also pair their tops with belts, especially wider ones, to create a small waist. 


5. Apple


Apple-shaped plus-size women look more or less like those who have rectangular body shapes. But their shoulders and legs are narrower, so attention should be drawn to those areas. So, when looking for plus-size yoga wear in London, they must look for those that end just above the ankle. This type of leggings will make their legs look longer when paired with a pair of great shoes. An empire line top will complete the look.


So, embrace your body shape with these styling tips and wear your best pair of leggings with joy.