Navigating Body Positivity In The Fitness World: 3 Tips That Work

Joining a fitness space is the first step towards your fitness journey. However, unrealistic body image issues often drive plus-size women to drop out of their fitness routine because they feel insecure in such a space. So, if you are also planning to join the fitness world, and already purchased your plus-size yogawear, then these are the tips you need to follow to stay motivated.

Find Your Fitness Space

One of the main reasons plus-size women often stop going for their fitness routine is because their fitness space is not inclusive. They become really self-conscious when exercising in an environment where people look down on someone who is not the “perfect shape”. So, when choosing your fitness space, it can be a gym, a yoga studio or a Zumba class, first make sure that bodies of all sizes and shapes are welcomed there. Only in a space where people are exercising without minding the person next to them, can you feel motivated enough to work hard towards your fitness goal. 

Find A Trainer Who Is On The Same Wavelength

The next tip for making sure you continue your foray into the fitness world is regarding finding a trainer. The trainer you choose should be someone who is in the same space as you when it comes to weight loss and body positivity. If you choose a trainer who is not friendly with you, who doesn’t understand the problems of plus-size girls doing exercises in front of everyone, then he or she is not for you. Of course, along with being friendly, the trainer should also be strict when necessary. 

Find Your Own Community

Your fitness journey can be tiring if you are doing it alone. Hence it is very important that you find a community of your own. Thanks to the internet, it is not hard to find a fellow group of people who are in the same situation as you. You can even find them in your fitness space. With such a group, you can easily share motivation tips, diet tips and even tips on where to buy the most comfortable yoga leggings

Body positivity in the fitness world is a welcoming change, and it has helped plus-size women to come out and join a healthier lifestyle. Though it is far from being perfect, with these tips you can find one space that welcomes you just the way you are and encourages you to stay there and better yourself day by day.