Buying Guide For Your Plus-Size Yogawear Essentials

Finding the right yogawear is as essential as finding the perfect place for your exercise. With so many options available online for plus-size women nowadays, it is hard to make the right choice. So, if you are looking for a plus-size yogawear in London, then this buying guide is for you. 

Choose The Right Size

Buying the right-sized yogawear is most important. But first, you should measure yourself correctly to buy according to that chart. This is especially important for buying bras; you need to know your bust size and cup size to buy the right bras. Companies differ in sizing online, so it is better to see the size chart and then order and not order according to what you normally wear.

Choose The Right Fabric

The next important thing to keep in mind is the material of the yogawear you are buying. You will be exercising in them, so first of all, it needs to be sweatproof. Go for materials that come with moisture-wicking technology and are also breathable. Functionality should be your priority and not the style of the yogawear. The type of exercise you are going to do should also be factored in when considering the fabric of your yogawear.

Choose Bright Colours

Though the functionality of the material of your yogawear is important, it will boost your mood and styling by buying one or two pieces in a bright colour. Only a few years ago, plus-size activewear generally came in black or grey; but with more women using activewear outside their gyms and yoga studios, companies are coming up with yogawear in bright colours. So, look for a sports bra in a bright colour to go with your solid-coloured yoga pants or stripped/patterned leggings to go with a muted-toned sports bra. 

Quality And Price Should Match

Don’t buy your yogawear from an online store just because it is cheap; the quality of the clothes should match the price point. It is not economical to buy cheap leggings which splits or tears within months! Many stores are selling affordable plus-size tops online, you just need to look more. When buying, along with the price check the material information. It is better to invest in one or two high-end yogawear that you will be wearing more because they are more durable.


When purchasing yogawear online, your priorities should be functionality, comfort, and quality. Follow these guidelines and you can find the best yogawear to start your fitness journey.