3 Tips For Plus Size Ladies Starting Their Fitness Journey

Exercising regularly is important for maintaining a healthy body no matter what your size is. For plus-size ladies starting their fitness journey, it is a tough challenge. They often give up because they don’t feel motivated enough or don’t get the proper guidance. If you are also thinking about being serious about your health, here are some tips to help you.

The first and most important thing is getting the proper exercise gear. With the right exercise outfits, you will feel comfortable exercising, which will demotivate you. So, get the appropriate sizes of active sports bras from online stores. You will find many brands that cater to plus-size ladies and make activewear clothes that fit any size. When buying such clothes, make sure the material is soft and breathable. Two things that are must-haves are a good sports bra and compression leggings. Plus, of course, an excellent athletic shoe based on the type of exercise you plan to do.

The next important thing is finding the right trainer. With the proper guidance, your fitness journey will yield results. And it would help if you were particular about who your trainer is. If you are going to a gym, don’t just follow the gym’s arrangements regarding the trainer. Ask to choose one who has the same synergy as you. The worst thing a plus-size woman who wants to start her fitness journey can do is go under a trainer who forces her to do exercises not designed for her or constantly does calorie counting. Go for a trainer who is body positive and will guide you both physically and psychologically. He or she should be a friend or mentor, not a drill instructor!

Don’t limit yourself to exercises that are said to be fit for plus-sized women, like yoga, swimming, or water aerobics. We often become bored with such activities and thus give up on our fitness journey. So take up exercises that are said to be “unsuitable” for plus-sized women, like CrossFit training or running. Of course, take it slow at the start and increase your endurance level as you build your pace. It will make sure you avoid injuries.

So, these are some of the tips regarding your fitness journey. Get that plus-size yoga bra, find a great instructor and exercise that you find exciting and challenging, and start finding a better and healthier you.