3 Stylish Yogawear That Are Must for Your Wardrobe

Yogawear today is not something you wear to your yoga class or the gym. It is a whole new range of clothing, and with ample plus-size yoga wear in the market, girls of all shapes and sizes can have their style statement with yoga wear. There are different types of yoga wear or yoga pants in the market, and here are some of them you need to have in your wardrobe as a plus-size girl.

7/8th legging

These leggings end just above your ankle bone and are perfect for plus-size girls. The length makes the legs look longer, and with the right fit, they can be worn for any event, be it your morning run or brunch with friends. All you need to do is match it with a good top depending on the occasion. Another thing to note when buying leggings or yoga wear of this length is that it depends on height. If you are tall, even a full-length legging can become 7/8th legging on you, and similarly, for someone on the shorter side, a 7/8th legging may turn into a full one. So, if you are trying out a brand for the first time, always wear it before buying, and don't go just by what it says on the label. If you are buying online, make sure there is a return or replacement policy in the store if it doesn't fit you well.


Extra-high waisted leggings


This kind of high-waisted leggings is perfect for someone with a wide middle. The wide waist slims down the torso; if you can buy those with hidden pockets, they are an added benefit. As for the material, choose something that is breathable and can absorb sweat well. This type of yoga wear is perfect for those girls who love the outdoors, whether hiking or jogging; this type of leggings will help you a lot. 

Bootcut yoga pants


Do you want to wear comfortable yoga leggings but don't want the activewear to look? Then bootcut yoga pants are your best friend. They have more flow and swish than your average yoga wear and look amazing on someone plus size. It is also more comfortable than wearing activewear all day long. On top of that, since they don't look like your average activewear/yoga wear, you can wear them to more occasions and places.


Which of these three types of yoga wear do you have?