The True Depth of the iamVibes Hamsa

Over the last 4 years since starting iamVibes, as a hobby and then growing it into my full time purpose and channel, the true magic of our symbol has come into being. I thought i would dive into what our Hamsa actually stands for and the Power and Light it represents as a symbol and entity.


The iamVibes Hamsa represents the unity of Male and Female energies held within the protective force of the Hamsa to bring Unity, Balance and Consciousness.The out line of the Hamsa is the Universal symbol which holds back negative energies. This symbol is renowned across many Religions uniting its purpose of protection for all. Many different Hamsa’s like the Hand-of-Venus (or Aphrodite) and the Hand-of-Mary were used to protect women from the Evil eye, Boost fertility, Promote healthy pregnancies and Strengthen the weak.This implies the Hamsa is the protective energy of the divine creative force that females possess and so we see it as a sacred amulet that protects the womb of creation.


Let us dive deeper into the sacred geometry that lays within the IAMVIBES Hamsa symbol.In the palm of the iamVibes Hamsa we have “ The Seed of Life” which represents the creation of the androgynous consciousness from the void into a basic physical manifestation. It's also the atomic pattern that represents the creation of all things tangible and un-tangible, ie Thoughts, Emotions  etc  

In sacred geometry all curved lines are known as Female energies and all straight lines represent Male energies.  This is when we see the merging of the conscious all seeing eye ( diamond shape below ) as a unified Male and Female energy which protects the womb of creation ( The Seed of Life/ Vesica Piscies ).

The conscious eye hides the Seed of life's meeting points to represent the Protection of the creative womb and the Alignment of the conscious and powerful energies within us and the Universe. Here are the protected meeting points .....The Vesica Piscies : The joining of God and Goddess (consciousness) creating life within the female womb.

The Tripod Of Life (holy trinity) : Represents alignment with Creator, Self & Spirit.

The Tube Torus: An image and representation of the ever expanding and contracting energy of the contained universe as well as our own electromagnetic energy field that our bodies and heart produce.


The Egg Of Life: A depiction of a multi-cellular embryo in its first hours of human creation. This later goes onto to later form the tree of life.

We have also implied a “star Union” taken from a 5 pointed star formations ( sign of the Goddess ) and the 6 pointed male star ( sign of God ) and merged them together in union to imply the androgynous energy of the universe uniting and piercing our own individual layers of female and male energy to unite and increase our consciousness with the energies of the universe whilst being protected.

As you can see this is no ordinary Hamsa, we have been blessed and gifted to have such a meaningful and power symbol given to us. We hope you now understand and find inspiring when purchasing or wearing your iamVibes garment.