Tori Ray

"We're Bringing only Good Vibes"
|| Flagler Beach, Fl | Model Victoria Moronta | IamVibes ||
Victoria and I had the lovely opportunity to Collaborate with Tom Hardless at IamVibes to bring you these photographs. The overcast light set the perfect mood. I also had the pleasure of working along side Photographers Jonathan Dehate & Elise Crigar to bring a wide range of images to Tom. [Their photos aren't currently featured in this post, but I hope to share some of their shots with you in the near future] HUGE thanks to Dehate for lending me his f1.4 :)  
Below is my Interview with Tom! His story inspires me to continue to pursue my goals in the fashion industry! As a Christian, the fashion industry is not best place for my spirit to thrive, but Jesus ate with the sinners, and so will I. On this journey I pray my testimony will speak the love of Christ into the hardest of hearts. 
1. Tom, what motivated the birth of IamVibes? There are so many factors that came together that helped give birth to iamVibes. iamVibes was born through a message channeled to me during meditation, that i had to put the hamsa out into the consciousness more so than it already was. To further this it was also born from a healing process from a previous relationship. Creativity is the greatest healer when you find yourself left on your own out in the ether. It was also given birth from previous connection i have had with people who have been abused in many forms and how i feel we all need some kind of protection wither it be physical or metaphysical.
2. Does the "hamsa" have an important significance to you?    The specific hamsa i use represents my life , my journey, my love, my loss, my frequency , creativity and who i am.  The Hamsa in general makes me feel protected and is an amulet and guide for me on this earth plane.
3. What has been your most exciting achievement through IamVibes so far?   There are a few moments on different levels which are cool achievements. The first one was manifesting gifting Charlotte Free and actually being able to do that and finding out she was into her "vibes". The pace of the brand really changed because of her and i really cant thank her enough. Second was probably being able to sponsor this awesome Surf, Yoga and Meditation retreat in Mexico called Genius Loci in Mexico through the Box 8 collective from LA. Being able to take myself to South Africa through iamVibes was beyond anything. One of the most magical places for your soul to thrive. Finally getting international wholesalers was bonkers but amazing, so nice for the energy of iamvibes to spread internationally. 
4. Favorite Food?! Anything Vegetarian 
5. What is the greatest lesson you have learned in the fashion world?   90% of people in the industry have an "ego" and need it feeding. From the most "beautiful" person you meet and fall in love with to the most amazing photographer , don't be fooled because they will try and eat up you up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Its a tough business and is far from a spiritual place but for my own inner being i need to put this symbol out in such a way people can see it, wear it, be it and become it. Anything creative is very tough but you have to believe and wade through the darkness. 
6. Favorite Quote? 
"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye" - It takes a lot to truly understand this quote and be able to experience and live it. 
7. If you could go ANYWHERE in the world for vacation, where would you go? hmmm Madagascar , Mexico, Argentina,Peru, Hawaii , Cape Town again, LA again. To be honest id put every country in the world down.