The Evolution Of Yogawear: Why It Is So Popular Now

Once in the realm of mystics and gurus, today, yoga is a common exercise practice embraced by millions all over the world. Along with it, there has been a rise in the yoga clothing market, especially affordable yogawear. Today, no one wears a plain t-shirt with cotton leggings while stretching their body into different yoga shapes; they are now branded, comfortable and made especially for doing yoga.

Innovations In Fabric Brought By Yoga

The evolution of yogawear from whatever was in front of you to wearing materials made especially for it took quite a long time. The main requirement of people doing yoga was a fabric that could stretch as they did and also could absorb the sweat that inevitably arose. This led to the development of moisture-wicking materials that not only were good at absorbing sweat but were also quite flexible. Spandex was the main material mixed with bamboo fibres. This type of material now rules the market of yogawear. Eco-friendly yogawear is also one of the fastest-growing segments within this industry, which was pegged to be USD 22.7 billion in 2021 worldwide.

The Rise Of Athleisure

The yogawear market not only fuelled the demand for traditional yogawear, but it also gave rise to a new segment in sportswear called Athleisure. As the name suggests, these are garments that can be worn while doing activities like yoga and also as leisure clothing. Yoga pants are the most common item of this type of clothing. It is not restricted to yoga mats anymore but can be seen everywhere from moms dropping children at school, or youngsters hanging out with friends in a mall! With athleisure, one can go to their yoga class, and then attend a coffee date with someone by just freshening up a little and without changing the clothes.

Inclusivity Is The Key

People of all shapes and sizes like yoga as an exercise. So how can yogawear be different? So, the last few years or so have seen a great rise in plus-size yogawear. This inclusivity has found much appreciation, and you can find even reputable brands offering yogawear in plus size. Today, anyone, no matter what shape or size, can truly practice yoga with peace of mind.

The yogawear market shows that when clothing companies listen to people, they can flourish in a big way. Whether it is in the yoga studio or the streets, yoga clothing is here to fulfil the needs and preferences of everyone who loves this ancient form of exercise.