Hello #IAVSoulmate,

This year IAMVIBES was present at the OMYOGA show in London and we officially launched our A.S.T.R.A. collection with OM-azing feedback from everyone.

As most of you know, IAMVIBES is one of the first Athleisure brands in the world, building a community and loyal following since 2011. I became the new Brand Director of IAMVIBES in April this year, and we have been working day and night for the last six months to make my dream a reality, finally re-launching the brand at the OMYOGA London show last week!!

My name is Katerina: fashionista @heart, part-time designer, full-time mother and perennial dreamer.  I have worked in the fashion industry for many years and I have lived pretty much all my life around the world. I am very peculiar about quality and aesthetics, and I love it when technical features marry fashion to create timeless products that can be always in style.

OMYoga has been a great success for us in London last week. Incredible people, embracing energy, live colors, life scents everywhere; it was all enchanting and I feel so blessed having had the opportunity to tell everyone about us, our brand, our community, our products. It was my first time at the show, and I felt a deep connection with all the magical people that took their time to meet with us and bring their incredible positive energy to our stand.

For this and more, I wanted to thank all of you. I am really grateful I have had the opportunity to meet you, and to those I was not able to spend time with, I apologize and I look forward to seeing you at our next show, if not sooner!

Here are some cool images that I think represent the vibes of the show! What a cool show!