How to Choose the Perfect Sports Bra

Choosing the right sports bra is of utmost importance for women of any size and shape. Women athletes wear a sports bra for comfort and support, but many are likely wearing the wrong one. This can result in pain and soft tissue damage. It is vital to ensure you have adequate support so you can perform the activity without unnecessary discomfort.

Tips to Choose The Perfect Sports Bra

Perfect Fit
If should be slightly tighter than a regular bra, but you should be able to breathe deeply. It is important that the straps are secure and comfortable. If they are too tight, they will dig in and if they are too loose, they will not provide the support and will slip off your shoulders.

Level of Support
Different bras offer different levels of support. The type you needs depend on the type of activity you do.
• Low and medium-impact sports bra are made from thinner material. Their ultra-breathable design can offer full coverage for light to medium workouts.
• High-impact bras use less stretchable material. They include supportive seams and sometimes even underwired.

Back Styles

Racer Back: straps stay in place but are typically not adjustable. This means it is a good idea to make sure the fit is awesome.

Crisscross: The two straps provide maximum flexibility and there is no denying that ease of motion means comfort. The back looks stylish too.

Engineered Using A.S.T.R.A Technology
When you begin to heat up during intense workouts or in hot climate, A.S.T.R.A fabric allows any excess moisture to evaporate. A.S.T.R.A garments are a perfect choice for all day wear due to quick drying properties. You will stay comfortable, protected, odorless and protected.