Everything You Wanted to Know About Athleisure

If you came across the term Athleisure in your favorite fashion magazine and are unsure what it is, this blog is for you. Below are the details you need to know about this style of clothing before you shop for women’s Athleisure wear in London.

What is Athleisure?                                                                                        

The word is a combination of two words: athlete and leisure. In simple terms, this is a line of clothing you can wear in the gym or when working out, and also outside the gym. The key feature of athleisure is comfortability. The clothes are very casual and made of sweat-proof, light and breathable materials. To say it in a single sentence, athleisure is sportswear you can wear daily.

What types of clothes are considered athleisure?

Athleisure has some key pieces of clothing. They are:

  • Joggers/leggings
  • Sweatshirts or hoodies
  • Trainers
  • T-shirts/tops
  • Light bomber jacket

How to wear Athleisure?

Mixing and combining the above list of clothing is the key to wearing athleisure, also known as activewear. No matter how you combine it, you have to keep these points in mind:

  • The clothes should fit you right. Comfort is the main feature of athleisure, so the clothes should not be too fitting or loose. It should fit you well, even when going for a totally laid-back style.
  • The bottom wear, whether a jogger or a legging, should be a slim fit. Athleisure styles don’t include baggy or loose bottoms.
  • Invest in a good sweatshirt if you are interested in investing in one high-end cloth for your athleisure look. It will make all the difference.

When do you wear athleisure?

Athleisure is ultimately causal clothing. So, when the occasion is casual, you can go for this laid-back look. Of course, you can wear them to or when returning from the gym. Many people also prefer to wear them while at home, relaxing. 

Can athleisure be worn to the office?

No, athleisure is not a fit style for the office or any formal occasion. Even if your office has casual Fridays, you can’t wear athleisure clothing to your work. Those occasions call for smart casuals, which this type of clothes is not. Unless you have a chilled work environment, it is best to wear your athleisure clothes at home. 

So, these are the most important things you need to know about athleisure or activewear clothing. Hope this helps you to shop for women’s athleisure wear in London smartly.