A Guide To How To Dress For Your Yoga Class

Yoga is a very popular exercise and lifestyle choice for many in the UK today. There are many Yoga studios and halls where you can learn and practice yoga. As the popularity of yoga spread, it gave rise to a range of clothing lines called yoga wear. Today, you have everything from high-end yoga wear to affordable yoga wear. Still, many people don’t dress properly when learning it for the first time. So, here is a guide to what to wear and not wear when you go to your yoga class.

The first thing to keep in mind is the fabric of your cloth. Yoga can be strenuous and won’t help if your clothes stick to your body due to sweating. Hence you need to wear a material that is lightweight and breathable. Thankfully, there are many choices for consumers in this regard. There is very stretchable lycra, and then there are environmentally-friendly materials made from bamboo and recycled plastic. Whatever you choose, make sure it can handle active physical exercise.


As for what to wear, leggings and tops are perfect for women and men. Men can also wear a slim-fit t-shirt or vest. Shorts are also good; wear a length you are comfortable in. This type of clothing is recommended for hot yoga, where you sweat a lot. If you are doing an easier version where you don’t sweat that much, you can wear cotton clothes. You can also layer your yoga wear if the temperature drops. As for women, wearing a sports bra is good, depending on your body structure.


Now let’s see what not to wear to a yoga class. Many people think wearing a swimsuit or underwear to a yoga class is fine, but it is not. Yoga is not just a form of exercise but also a spiritual journey. Hence you should dress respectfully for others, especially for your teacher. You will not be allowed to join many yoga classes if you dress inappropriately.


The last thing to know is about the size of your yoga wear. It should change as your body changes. You may have to wear plus-size yoga wear when you start your journey, and as you lose weight, you will need to change your clothes. The key should be a good fit; your yoga clothes should not be too tight or loose. Try it out before buying so you don’t feel awkward during the yoga class in your ill-fitted clothes.