A Guide on Buying the Perfect Bra

Whether you are looking for yoga bras in London or a minimizer bra, you must find the one that fits you the best. With so many sizes and size guides available that change from store to store, it can become confusing to buy a bra. And buying a good-fitting bra is very important because your ultimate look will depend very much on it. Not to mention, wearing the wrong size bra is very uncomfortable and can sometimes lead to injuries! So, follow these guidelines when buying a bra in a store or online.


Many people make the mistake of thinking that if the cup fits, it is a good fit. But that is quite wrong; because the band of the bra keeps your breasts in place. They are the ones giving them the support. Hence the main job of the bands or straps is to make sure your cups stay flush with your body and maintain their shape. So, if your strap is not fitting perfectly (it should not be too tight or loose on your shoulder), that is not a good fit. To test that, take off the straps and walk a few steps when you are trying out the bra. If your cup is not falling, that is a perfect fit.


When shopping for bras online, you will often find terms like “plus size”, “full figure”, or “full bust”. These three terms may seem to mean the same, but it is not. Plus size is any bra sized 38 and above, no matter the cup size. But the full figure means 38+ with DD cup size or above. Hence, a full-figure bra will always be for plus-size girls, but not all plus-size bras are for full-figure girls. As for full bust, it means bras 36 or less with cup size DD or above. So, if you find an active sports bra online store selling full-bust bras, it doesn’t mean it is for plus-size girls, but any girl with small straps or brand size and fuller cups. 


The last and important tip is how long you should wear your bra. Like any clothing item, we wear our bras until it doesn’t fit us well or if the strap, hooks, or fasteners break. Generally, if you rotate your bras, a bra will last long, provided your figure is not changing.