5 Tips on Styling Your Leggings If You are Plus-Size

We all have that pair of comfortable yoga leggings we want to wear everywhere. Though it can’t be done, most of the time, you can style your leggings to go with most outfits. This article is for you if you also want to learn more about how to style your leggings.

The first tip is regarding the leggings themselves. Make sure you have bought a pair that fits perfectly. Many women make the mistake of buying a too-tight one, which becomes a see-through pair of leggings! And if you buy a size more prominent, it will gather on the ankle, making you look shabby. So take your time, shop around, and then buy the perfect pair that will not gather in the ankle or show more skin than you want. Also, pay attention to the fabric of the leggings. It is always better to go for high-quality ones as the poorly made leggings sag soon or get torn. 

Next comes the length of the top you will wear with this pair. You can pair any long-length top with your leggings, even dresses. If you want to wear short tops, consider wearing Ponte knit pants. These kinds of pants offer leggings comfort but are a bit thicker. It gives you great butt coverage. Depending on the weather, you can pair this short top and leggings with a shrug or jacket. 

When wearing leggings, be careful about your underwear. Always wear non-lacy ones in the same colour as the leggings. This is more important if you are wearing a short top. The underwear must provide good butty support.

When pairing dresses with a legging, ensure you accentuate one part of your body at once. For example, if you are wearing a colourful pair of leggings, choose a more muted top. On the other hand, if you wear the fan-favourite black pair of leggings, you can wear a top accentuating your waist or upper part.

If you have a curvy figure, don’t pair your plus-size leggings with baggy clothes. Most plus-size women think they can hide their curves by wearing baggy clothes. But if you wear a size too big, it doesn’t help but makes you look bulkier. So, wear a top that is not too baggy but shows your curves to their best advantage.

So, these are some styling tips for plus-size women on how to wear their favourite pair of leggings.