3 Problems Plus Size Women Still Face While Shopping For Clothes

Times have changed very much for plus-size women with the fashion industry starting to become more inclusive. Gone are the days when plus-size women had just a handful of choices and styles when shopping and most of them were priced more than regular clothing. Today, you can find affordable plus-size tops and other clothing items even at your local thrift shop! But still, there are some problems plus-size women face when shopping for clothes. Here are three of them.


Unclear size guides

A different size guide depends on what section you are buying from. Suppose you are shopping from the regular section or the plus-size section. The regular section will have sizes like "12", "14", "18", and so on. Generally, sizes "14" and above are categorized as plus-sized for brands with clothes in plus sizes and regular sizes. However, the brands that have just plus-sized clothes start from 1 XL and can go up to 8 XL, which is different from regular brands' XL and XXL sizes. It creates great confusion for plus-sized women shoppers. There needs to be standardization regarding size guides in a store.

Not enough plus-sized mannequins

As humans, we are fascinated by visuals. How often have you entered a store because you liked what the display mannequin was wearing? But sadly, still, in the UK, mannequins wear sizes XS or S and never larger sizes. There are very few stores that display plus-size clothes on plus-size mannequins. Most just put their plus-sized dresses on regular mannequins, which either billow out or are gathered and clipped at the back of the dummy, giving it a poor fit. So, the fashion industry, especially stores, must diversify their display mannequins to welcome all types of shoppers, including plus-sized ones.

Plus, size doesn't mean tall sized.

Indeed, the fashion industry, especially high-street fashion brands and stores, now cater to plus-sized women shoppers, but they often make the mistake of thinking that plus size means taller. So, as you go up the size, you will often find that the length of the clothes is quite large. It especially becomes an issue when you are shopping for affordable yoga wear. If it fits on the waist, the pants' length must be modified. So, brands need to consider the size length when offering women plus-size clothing items.