Five Tricks To Keep Your Yoga Wear Ever New

The 'on-the-go' clothes have changed drastically in this era as it changed from sporting skinny jeans and loose sweats to yoga pants and yoga bras with heavy accessories. It has been revealed in CBS News that the sales of yoga wear have shot up to 45%, and it will only continue to rise even more. With the desire to stay up to the fashion trend, anyone has to take care of their plus size yoga wear properly.  

Proper care is essential to ensuring that your clothes remain comfortable, proper and essentially durable. As most yoga pants are made out of materials that are breathable, meaning they can take moisture from the body, it is necessary to ensure that you know the different care regimes according to their fabric. 

Five Tricks To Keep The Durability Of Your Plus Size Yoga Wear 

If you wash the yoga wear wrong or perform one step in the washing regime that's meant to be different from how it is, then you might lose the durability of the yoga wear.  

  •   Don't Dry Clean:  

Never drop your yoga wear in the dry cleaning. The chemicals that dry cleaners use are not meant to be used on yoga wear. Most yoga wear is made of nylon and elastane; therefore, using harsh chemicals can create an impact on its elasticity.  

  •   Cold Water Is The Way To Go:  

One should always use cold water while washing yoga wear as it does not agitate the fabric. Hot water increases the fabric agitation. Moreover, put the plus size yoga bras in London in a delicate setting so that the machine doesn't end up snagging the fabric.  

  •   You Can Choose Tumble Dry, But We Think Air Drying Is The Way To Go:  

You can dry the yoga bras and pants on a low setting on the tumble. However, to preserve the length and elasticity of the fabric, we recommend air drying the clothes.  

  •      You Don't Need Fabric Softener:  

Yoga wear is made specially to absorb moisture. However, the purpose behind using fabric softener is to lessen the absorbency. It will leave a negative impact on the yoga wear.  

  •   Use Steam, Not Iron:  

The best way to remove wrinkles on the clothes is by using steam, not iron. As the fabric of the yoga wear is delicate, using iron, which may get too hot, you may end up buying the apparel.  

Ending note:  

Follow the steps mentioned in the blog, along with the special care tips on the tags of apparel. If you continue to do so, you will preserve the look, style and shape of the plus size yoga bras in London positively.