A Guide on How to Preserve The Quality of Your Leggings

Oh nice, you have found the comfortable yoga leggings store, but that isn't enough just because you know the place you need to go to in case you need another pair of bottoms. But to care for your favourite piece that has saved you from countless dressing debacles is the way you should be going. You may think that putting the leggings in the washing machine will do the trick of cleaning it properly. But here are certain ways you can adopt to ensure the quality of the clothing line is preserved. This blog will help you understand how to do just that. 

A Much-needed 101 on Taking Care of Your Leggings The Right Way 

Knowing the fabric of the leggings will take you one step closer to understanding the right way to take care of your leggings.  

  •   Know Your Fabric:  

You must know the fabric to understand the washing procedure because, based on this, the method will differ. Elation leggings are compression; in short, they are made out of nylon and elastane. These two fabrics generally don't fade while washing. However, to wash such a fabric that stays rich in shade and shape, you have to ensure the following.  

  1. Put the leggings on a cold and delicate cycle so that it doesn't lint. 
  2. Don't worry about the choice of soap, as your regular soap will work wonders. 
  3. Hang the leggings dry. If you put this in a dryer, then you may run the risk of stretching the elastic bands.  

However, if you own cotton-based leggings, then you have to wash them carefully. Generally, cotton clothes fade away faster. But the comfortability that comes with it remains unmatched.  

  1. Therefore, start with a bit of lukewarm water. It will get rid of any dirt easily. 
  2. You can use any soap you want as long as it is not chemically strong. 
  3. Also, keep in mind to put fabric softener with the cotton leggings to retain its shine. 
  4. Put the cotton leggings on a delicate wash setting. 
  5. Lastly, put the leggings in the dryer. Also, iron the leggings before putting them in the cupboard. 

Ending Note:  

While it is understandable to have a favourite pair of leggings, we recommend having an extra pair of bottoms to lean on to save the day. The more you wash one piece of clothing, the faster it fades and deteriorates. Hit IamVibes, your trusted comfortable yoga leggings storeto find the pair that suits you the best.