Who are iamVibes








TOM HARDLESS : Founder & Manifester

Since the age of 17 years old Tom has been a touring musician & artist. His spiritual awakenings began at the age of 20 when he was gifted the unique iamVibes Hamsa in a meditation along side experiences of astral projection and past life healing. Parallel to these visions he began to tune into the art of Seichem healing. This journey would take him to meet incredible females who have gone through traumas of abuse as well as opening up to the knowledge of the female pain body our world is going through. These experiences & connections, which still come through to this day, brought to life Tom's life purpose & driving force behind his creativity. Tom has dedicated his creative energy to uplifting and enhancing the female creative energy within us all as well as inspiring the protection and empowerment the female form through creative expression & freedom.



KELSEY J PATEL : Co - Owner & Light Worker

As a deeply intuitive child, Kelsey witnessed family members struggle with addiction, workaholism and anxiety, and felt helpless in watching loved ones suffer. After leaving home, Kelsey attended Boston University,  and later, began a demanding career working for such esteemed institutions as a Fortune 250 company and the United States Senate. Without the tools to find balance in her life, and work through her emotions, Kelsey dealt with the stress of her career by becoming obsessive about her work. Before long, she lost herself in her career and neglected her high-stress lifestyle, which manifested itself through intense back pain and chronic sickness. To cope with the familiar pain, Kelsey medicated herself by becoming obsessive about her work. Hoping for a fresh start, she moved to Los Angeles, where she sought out every kind of medical practitioner to help heal her pain, to no avail. Eventually, she was introduced to the world of alternative healing, including reiki, yoga, EFT and energy work. As the lightbulb went off, and the pain went away, she began to see that perhaps other workaholics and individuals with high stress lifestyles could also benefit from this investment in self-care. Today, her healing corporate workshops and one-on-one sessions blend her corporate experience and her spiritual trainings to help those in need stand in their own truth, release old patterns, and begin leading authentic and fulfilling lives. Kelsey is a certified reiki master,  yoga instructor, Pure Barre owner, meditation teacher and specializes in the'Emotional Freedom Technique'(EFT).