IamVibes is here to uplift and Empower the Female energy through inspiring a Healthy & Consciousness lifestyle.
We are here to remind you of the creative power you possess as well as the intuitive spiritual light you hold and can unlock through all walks of Creative expression, Well being, Spiritual Practise & Protection. 
The iamVibes Hamsa came to Founder Tom Hardless in a vision during a meditation. At the time he did not know what it is was or its significants. Parallel to this vision he met two beautiful females who had gone through Traumas of abuse as young women. He soon started to realise the importance of bringing light into someone's world, especially females who have been effected by the darkness.
Tom moved forward realising we are all blessed in different ways but we must be aware when the darkness has taken the light and help Protect, Uplift, Respect and Empower the female energy within all of us as well as in the Human form. 
Upon some research and further meditation, Tom found the upwards facing Hamsa is a symbol of Protection and is widely used across many different religions. Aligning his experiences the awakenings continued and Tom realised he was gifted with a purpose to spread the awareness of Spiritual Protection and Empowerment through the iamVibes Hamsa & story. As he became more transparent with his story the Yoga community started to open up to iamVibes and in turn inspiring Tom to start his Yoga Journey. As you give you receive. 



As the brand has taken Tom on adventures beyond his home land of the UK, more stories have been are brought forth. He has found that the majority of females he has met have had some form of abuse put upon them. Aligning, Collaborating and giving a voice to those who have gone through the darkness is slowly becoming the main source of inspiration iamVibes projects. 
iamVibes operates with the understanding that we are all connected as one and with nature, but we are not the same. We respect energies not of our own but only walk towards and align with frequencies which empower us. Be The Light & Protect it. 
We are more than activewear, We are love, We are Light, We are Protection , We are expression, We are Vibes