Beacon of Light Programme

Would you like to be a BEACON OF LIGHTreceive 47% OFF ALL PURCHASES & Spread a message of Empowerment for IAMVIBES ?



If YES you are in the right place. We are opening our gates to bring in Ambassadors who will help spread our message.



- You Must have 4K + followers on Instagram, Youtube or Facebook.

- You must have an strong urge to Spread your Light through your practise, wether it be Yoga , Meditation , Music, Dance , Art , Mindfulness , Healing or Nutrition. 

- Be willing to share and gift iamVibes incentives to your community. 

- Be active in Spreading/Reposting the iamVibes Message & Product via all social media platforms. 





- A  47% OFF  discount code for the entire duration of your stay as an ambassador.

- Free iamVibes Affirmation poster upon first Ambassador purchase. 

- Unique incentives for your community.

- iamVibes Instagram, Blog & Empowerment Features. 

- Free Promotion of any Retreats or classes via our social media platforms. 

- The chance to Teach at the LUSH Cosmetics store, London, as part of the iamVibes Wellness events we hold. ( You must be a certified teach <3 ) 

- Opportunities to shoot with founder Tom Hardless ( )



Please send your submissions, including INSTAGRAM, WEBSITE & ANY CERTIFICATES , to  

TOM @ IAMVIBES.CO.UK  & we will get back to you as quickly as we can.