As a being who is conscious of the energy he consumes, i love it when i come across a follow Foodie who is really pushing the health green vibe and inspiring the mass's! I cant thank Deliciously Ella for taking the time out to answer these questions! 

How does what we consume, day to day, effect our mind and body?

I find that when I eat delicious, nourishing food my body and mind feels completely different. It’s incredible what good food can do! It’s so important that the food is as tasty as it is healthy though so that you feel satisfied and don’t start craving anything. I try to eat a rainbow through out the day too, so that I get a great mix of goodness into my body. For breakfast I love having either oatmeal and smoothies. When it’s cold I have oatmeal for breakfast with almond milk, sliced banana, fresh berries and almond butter – it’s so delicious! Then in the summer I like blending spinach, oat milk, dates, banana and almond butter for an easy breakfast smoothie. My lunch varies a lot, I’m writing my second cookbook at the moment, which means I’m always recipe testing so lunch is nearly always different. If I’m not trying something new though I’ll have something like a marinated kale salad with avocado, chickpeas and pumpkin seeds. For dinner I like making more of an effort and enjoying a big, warm meal - at the moment I’m really into veggie curries and stews. I made a turmeric, quinoa and chickpeas curry last week with spinach, potatoes and lots of spices – it was so good and I’ve wanted to cook it almost every night since!

What keeps you aligned and inspired to tackle your busy & creative lifestyle?

I find that exercise is magic! I try to get some movement in every morning before I start work and it always gets me feelings so much more positive and excited about what’s in store for the rest of the day. It’s also a great way to take a step back and clear your mind. I often find that after a great class I can’t even remember why the things that were stressing me out bothered me in the first place! I do a mixture of yoga, pilates, boxing, spinning, weight training and HIIT, which keeps it interesting so I never get bored of exercising. 

When was the last time you sat in silence and how did it feel?

I’m not great with silence! I love being surrounded by people and I’m such a talker, I talk at anyone and everyone. There’s something lovely about peace and quiet at the end of a busy day but I like sharing that with friends and chatting life through. 


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