Last week i had the pleasure of being aligned with the owner of IAM YOU YOGA,Lauren Imparato, at the new members bar Ramusake - London. The Moody slick and cool atmosphere of Ramusake was a perfect setting for Laurens pop up class.

Lauren's energy is very Empowering, Welcoming and Inspiring. Her energetic and grounded vibe shines through in her classes, which are a fast passed flow with focus and magic.

I found it very refreshing to experience seeing such cool and connected people joining the IAM YOU session. The designer for FELDER FELDER and brand Owner of EKAT were in attendance and wonderful people to connect with and exchange stories from the manufacturing world and even share some meditation experiences.

As the session came to close we were greeted by CocoVita based cocktails which align with Laurens DETOX TO RETOX ethos. During this time i got a chance to speak with more of the Yogis in the group. It turns out Lauren is a magnetic for aligning the right people, she has a friend at iZettle who helped on the iamVibes 24hour Store and one of her students has been a fan of iamVibes for a very long time. Awesome!

Blessings to Lauren and Ramusake for inviting me down to this great evening of active and open people. I can not wait to Align further with IAM YOU YOGA.... WATCH THIS SPACE!