Greetings from a far! I hope all your journeys are full of Light and Balance. Please meet one of our most powerful alignments to date. ALINE FERNANDES, Yoga Instructor, Model who is a true inspiration and "Light House" to all.

Why is the Alignment between Mind and Body important for you?

It's very important to align my body and my mind so I can achieve more balance and be able to live in my full potential as human being, in this life as Aline. It's an ending process which that's the best part of it. Everyday a new chance, a new journey, exploring, evolving and discovering how can I do this internal work with joy and non resistance, helping and leading to achieve my wholeness, my life purpose and freedom.

Using my body as a platform to do this internal work and transformation. With daily Yoga practice, meditation, a healthy diet and a connection with Nature, I can get to know my self better, have a better relationship with my self and the others, breaking down old habits and applying more constructive ones, developing a deeper level of awareness and encouraging me to dive into the ocean of the unknown. Empowering to trust deeply my inner self and the Universe.

What keeps you inspired to maintain a positive vibe to tackle all aspects of your life?

More and more what keeps me going is understanding the laws of the Universe and noticing that how high I keep my frequency more the Universe will respond to me in such a positive and evolving way.

It's mind blowing if you are aware and let God be the DJ. Learning to trust and go with the flow. It's a constant daily work, we all have are ups and downs but it's just amazing to see and feel that everything is so simple and so clear. it's up to us to deeply change our mind set, to have awareness of our thoughts and actions and to be open to evolve with a simplicity and an open heart.

It's also very inspiring to see people that surrounds me getting healthier and more connected with their bodies and minds, that's truly inspiring and fulfilling. We are all in the same boat, it's very touching to see that I can inspire other people in some way or another.

How do you take your Ashtanga practice beyond your mat?

The correct definition of Ashtanga Yoga practice are the eight limbs ( Ashta = eight , anga = limbs ).

The asana part ( what you see on the yoga mats ) is only one of the limbs or steps but not the whole practice.

We start with the body, which is the gross level.

With daily practice of the asanas ( postures ) the body will become purified, strengthen, the toxins will be eliminated, the nervous system will be purified and then we can achieve more steadiness in our minds ( the mind is a subtle level, the body is the gross level ) and be able to practice the other limbs.

So after I finish my daily practice of asana and meditation, my body and especially my mind are more in tuned and more balanced, with a deeper sense of awareness to apply the other limbs. The actual practice starts after the yoga mat, that's the real yoga. The asana part is just preparing us to our daily life so we can set us free from our own suffering and achieve a better equanimity and joyful life.

Here below are the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga:

YAMA - behaviors which regulate how we relate to the others.

Ahimsa - Non violence in words, thoughts or action to any kind of living beings.

Satya - being truthful to yourself and to the others in both words and actions.

Asteya - not stealing the property or wealth that belongs to the others.

Bramacharya - being truthful with my partner

Aparigraha - non possessiveness

NYAMA - Commitments to ourselves and principles that we should follow in our daily life.

Sauca - maintain both internal and external purity. Keeping the environment and person clean - clothes, body, belongings and surroundings.

Santosha - Contentment. Being happy with whatever we have, practicing inner joy from spiritual wisdom.

Tapas - self - discipline ( diet, steady asana practice, schedule )

Swadhyaya - Self study ( deepen the knowledge from books and manuscripts and also from my teacher, exploring and studying my self, actions and reactions )

Isvara Pranidhana - Surrendering to God, surrendering to our purest form.

ASANA - postures, easily held.

PRANAYAMA - breathing technique with retention of the breath.

PRATYAHARA - withdraw of the senses

DHARANA - concentration

DHYANA - meditation

SAMADHI - liberation, freedom

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