Introducing! Juliet Murrell, the spirit behind THE HOUSE OF VOGA. If you have never heard of VOGA it is a dynamic fusion of Yoga and " vogueing " to an 80s beat. I have found The Yoga community in London a few years behind the West Coast California energy but the VOGA movement is taken London by storm and making the Yoga experience , exciting, electric and full of vibes…

What inner change have you felt since bringing VOGA to light?

It's great to have found something I love inspired by all my passions and have the opportunity to spread this to others. I feel like my creativity which was dispersed before is now centred in one place and can keep giving!

What keeps you inspired to maintain a positive vibe to tackle all areas of your life?

Without positive vibes you're going to lose yourself. Focusing on the friends and family around you and the good things that happen to you daily, allows you to overpower the less positive!

Why do you think the world needs to move to a more heart based energy?

Because in life there's always so many distractions and opportunities which present themselves daily and if you allow the buzz of capitalism and consumer society to dictate your moves, you're lost.

A simple life is often the best. We all need moments to Simplify in life, through yoga, VOGA or whatever occupation clears you're head.

With VOGA its a chance to really connect to the physicality of the body through breath, movement and music making your fit night out a social and memorable experience! I love teaching this class and seeing everyone synchronised, on beat and moving their body. The Everybody Be Somebody vibe is powerful! FEELING the moment, being fully present.

Instagram: @houseofvoga