Summer Perez

We are blessed to be aligned with SUMMER PEREZ. A powerful Yogi with an open heart. She has taken the time to answer a few questions and share her light with us.....

Who Inspires you?

My kids are my greatest source of inspiration. They are bundles of love that fuel my passion for life.

What keeps you inspired to maintain a positive vibe to tackle all areas of your life?

Knowing that there is something greater waiting for me than whatever is happening right now. Whatever is happening at any given moment, I am the one who chooses how I wish to interpret it. I can see it as negative, or I can search for the lesson. I am constantly being guided to where I am supposed to be, even if it feels uncomfortable at the moment. But it is in the uncomfortable that we grow. I can either sit in the rubble or build a mansion with the stones. My perspective is what will determine what I make of life. So I try to keep my vibes positive. 

Why do you think the world needs to move to a more heart based energy?

The more we move through the heart and less through fear, the more we will experience freedom and unconditional love. Many of the issues arising in the world now (and throughout history) have occurred because of ego-driven fear of things that are different from us or a lack of compassion. If we can just open our hearts and look with our souls, we will see that we are fundamentally all the same. We are all born knowing this. Children move confidently with a heart-based energy and are extremely compassionate beings of light. It’s what they see, hear and eventually learn from adults that will either keep that light burning or dim it with fears and prejudices. We, as adults, can learn so much from the freedom, compassion and unconditional love that children demonstrate. If we can can cultivate this heart-based energy once again as adults, we will have the ability to create powerful, positive change in this

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