Michelle Weinhofen

LA based Yoga Teacher Michelle Weinhofen Shares her vibes Who inspires you?People that are genuinely happy, those who find and listen to that inner light, artists of all kinds, and people who look to spread peace and love through what they do.

What keeps you inspired to maintain a positive vibe to tackle all areas of your life?Knowing that I'm on this amazing journey inspires me to maintain a positive vibe.  Recently I've found myself doing a bit of a "life makeover" and it has caused me a mix of emotions.  Reminding myself to be present and enjoy the ride helps me stay positive.  So many beautiful things can be created through positivity and living in the present moment.I've found that nothing good ever comes from me putting out or holding onto negative vibes so I always try to live positively and with gratitude.  Practicing yoga has helped me maintain a positive and present outlook. Yoga changed my life and so I changed my life so that I could lead a yoga-based lifestyle.  Practising gratitude always sets a positive tone for the day and keeps me in awe of what life has to offer.Why do you think the world needs to move to a more heart based energy? Overall our world has a lot of negativity, especially in the media.  Negative news is constantly filling our minds and it makes it hard to focus on what is positive.  I find by just minimising the ways that negativity can reach me, it helps me to be such a happier person.  Our world is in need of far more love than it is receiving.  If everyone did more things with love, I feel like we as individuals and as a whole would be at a much healthier and happier place. Ego will always be an enemy, but by working on putting it aside, I feel that it opens up a whole area of possibility that we don't see when we are driven by the ego. I recommend meditation to everyone. Even after the first two weeks of meditating I noticed an immense difference.  One can learn so much about presence, emotions, and the true self.  I wonder how things would be if we were all just a little bit more awake.  It is a process, but one that is rewarding and most definitely worth working on.Be sure to follow our fellow Yogi! Instagram: @michelleweinhofenwebsite: michellearenal.comtumblr: michelle-arenal.tumblr.com