Gordon Hardless

I am pleased to introduce to you my Father and Teacher of Tai Chi and Mindfuless. Gordon Hardless 

Who do you Admire? 

All those people who face adversity in their everyday life but refuse to be cowed by it! Many great people are beacons to be admired, but for me it is the everyman, and women who daily "pick up their yoke" and get on and try and live their lives as best and as fully as possibly. Adversity will pass, it might slow you down for awhile on your journey, but do not allow it to spoil all of the journeys experiences. 

How has Tai Chi Changed Your Life ?

At the secular level, it has made me more aware and accepting of the ' Natural order' of things; Harmony and seeking the middle way of things in life. Avoidance of extremes in all things, food, exercise, emotions, goals!! At 67 years of age I am as a river, finally nearing the sea. I carry with me the experiences of a turbulant youth ( as a high mountain stream); the trails and joys of hard work and family of my middle - age, ( as an active, fast flowing river cutting through valleys and gorges) and now I am a broad estuary, flowing and a lot slower, gentle but with purpose.

The ' load ' of my early life I began to let go of, silt/anger, debris/negative memories, and i assume the nature of being happy and content with who and what i am  and unafraid of the future; Carpe Diem.At the esoteric level, Tai Chi has brought me to meditation -; "Observing everything found in the filters of my consciousness, seeing, recognising, being aware that everything is transitory and free of self".

In Meditation I seek to find my God - blessed be the pure of heart for they shall find God. In meditation i seek to empty myself - to provide as it were the perfect forest where he can enter without 'disturbing a leaf' or a still pond, "where he makes not the slightest wave". In meditation i am in harmony with the world. 

What keeps you Inspired, to face life? Inspiration is transitional, it comes and it goes. I have rarely left "driven" by a singular desire or feeling. Rather, I move to put a particular stimulation or arousal into the context of the whole moment in which the "inspiration" may occur,  e.g, a beautiful sunset is inspirational to me because at that very moment I am made aware that i am as nothing in the bigger scheme of things; that the sight of it reinforces an innate belief in me that a God Creator does exist.

At the same time I am reminded that it represents the ending of the day, that all things are transitional, they begin, flourish and eventually must come to an end. It is the way of things! What keeps me inspired? ...Acceptance.

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