Steph Millman


Who do you admire?

I admire everyone that has the will to pursue their dreams and passions and live a life that they love. I admire people that are happy and radiate a pure, caring and positive vibe. I admire open minded people who are always looking to learn and discover more about themselves, others, the world and the universe.

What keeps you inspired to maintain a positive vibe to tackle all aspects of your life?
As a Yoga teacher my students inspire me to maintain a positive vibe. I like to not only instruct them through the poses but also I'm conscious of sharing a positive and calm vibe helping them to feel comfortable to challenge themselves in each pose, to calm their mind to look inside themselves and enjoy the present moment. This then in turn energizes me and helps me to remain conscious of spreading positivity throughout my whole day. 

Why do you think the world needs to move to a more heart based energy ?
There is so much death and destruction caused from hate, fear and jealousy - from us living in the ego of our minds. If we all moved from the energy of our heart - caring, respecting and loving each other and the earth more we would feel that we are all one complete energy of love. Love is the strongest and highest energy in us and everything in the universe. Once we all learn how to align to this energy inside ourselves we will transform the world for the better.

Instagram: @TranquilityYogaDubai