Masha Rudenko

Name: Masha Rudenko 

Location: Planet Earth 

What keeps you inspired to maintain a positive vibe to tackle all aspects of your life ?

Love to live and make the best of every moment of my life , just make it easy , interesting, observing, listening, understanding  and speaking from my heart, being honest with myself and others and laugh , sarcasm with special people I choose to be surrounded by ... This is all pure joy to me ! I really love my job as a model and I want to do as long as I can! It's very inspiring job to me to express myself. Every time I shoot I create a new alive soul in me.  This what keeps me alive and vibrates my heart. 

What routine/secret do you have to keep up your spirit and energy? 

My routine, secret is I need a nature, health, long hikes, observing nature, being a alone, that's when the magic happens. I love to be alone with myself. Reading ! Reading did change me so much ! Reading to me it's an adventure with yourself in your own world. I learned so much about understanding myself and others ... I believe that if you can understand other person it's makes it easier and it's easier to forgive and let it go. My life Keys are to Change of myself and to be open :) and always Smile :) there is one book that it's like my Bible by Eckhart Tolle " The Power of Now". That I always open to remind myself to live in Now and how to control my thoughts ! That was my "Game Changer " because of it I smile everyday :))) 

instagram/twitter : @masharudenko