Victoria IN THE FROW

Meet your new Fashion Inspiration! Victoria is a Photographer, Stylist, Editor and Writer behind " Inthefrow ", a style, life and beauty blog and Youtube channel that aims to inspire fashion and beauty coveters from all over the world.

Victoria's style has always stood out to iamVibes from the day we aligned. Every time we work with her she's creates great combinations of texture and colour around our Garments. In the frow has always been willing to help and feature iamVibes so we are Universally grateful for her Time, Kind manner, Energy and Style. 

We were lucky enough to ask her a few questions on her Heart, Mind & Style -

What inspires you to keep your heart and mind motivated ​?

Im always motivated by the future and what it might hold. I feel that if I wake up early, put a smile on my face and get myself straight into the day, it is one step closer to bigger dreams in the future. I work hard on everything I do, as I know that hard work will always pay off and I can live the life I always hoped for.

Who's style and lifestyle do you admire and why? 

I have a huge admiration for Victoria Beckham. She has managed to look after a wonderful family, keep a beautiful husband and run one of the most successful fashion lines of the moment. Plus, she was in one of the most successful Girl Groups in the world, yet has created an image around herself that appears flawless. I would love to maintain a family and working life and still look as fabulous as she does.

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